Technical Inspection

To maintain the safety in a warehouse, it is essential to carry out periodic inspections to verify the good condition of the racks and shelves. The use of forklifts and other equipment can damage structures and cause accidents in any warehouse. KIND has a technical inspection service available to its customers’ storage structures, with the aim of ensuring greater safety and efficiency in your warehouse. As a manufacturer, KIND is in the best position to inspect and issue certificates for your racks.

Standard EN15635

Did you know?

  • As a user, you are responsible for the safety conditions of your storage equipment.

  • Any damage to your storage equipment can lead to its collapse.

  • Your insurance company, in the event of an accident, will not be responsible for damages if you don’t have regular inspections up to date.

Have a safe warehouse and comply with the EN 15635 standard

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Technical Inspection Plan

  • 1. Risk analysis and problems identification.

  • 2. Proposal of actions to be carried out.

  • 3. Preparation of inspection report.


A quick and timely response to our customers’ requests is a constant concern for our company.

For this reason, we carry out a careful selection of qualified personnel to form teams that, equipped with the necessary resources, carry out all the work related to the assembly or repairs of all types of systems that we supply, as well as carrying out annual technical inspections in order to guarantee the safety of the supplied structures.

The client will always count on the efficiency, dynamism and professionalism acquired and confirmed throughout our existence.

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Technical Department

Ready & Waiting to Assist You

Believing that the future depends on the level of satisfaction of our customers, KIND has invested over the last decades in offering excellent technical services in order to guarantee the design of a storage solution:

  • Efficient and effective.

  • Tailored to customer needs.

  • That complies with applicable legal standards in terms of safety.

Kind - Sistemas de armazenamento de confiança e certificados

Today, equipped with the most recent and adequate computer equipment and qualified technicians, above all very experienced, our Technical Department is today one of the great and solid differentiating aspects of KIND. More than designing, the Technical Department reveals a total capacity to carry out works of the most diverse nature in the storage sector, with evidence in the field of innovation and value creation for our customers.