• Full stock control.
  • Absence of human errors.
  • Companies that want a storage solution with no human errors.
  • Companies that want to store in height and with high stock rotation.
  • Companies that want a fully computerized solution and in constant communication with the company’s ERP software.

Picking Shelving

Automated Warehouse

  • System controlled by management software;

  • Know the location of all products;

  • Updated inventory;

  • Maximum profitability of available space;

  • Easy access to all stored boxes.

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Just like the automated warehouse for pallets, the Picking Shelving Automated Warehouse system is based on two racks placed to store boxes or trays, separated by a central aisle where a stacker crane circulates. The automation and handling area, which is formed by conveyors, is located at the top or side of the rack. The stacker crane will place the box removed from the rack on the conveyor which, in turn, brings the box closer to the employee and, once its work is finished, returns it to the stacker crane so that it can be placed on the racks.

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