• Maximum use of available space for live picking.
  • Simple and economical solution without moving around operators.
  • Great speed in order preparation.
  • Companies that want a manual picking solution in F.I.F.O.
  • Companies that want speed in order preparation.
  • Companies that want to eliminate workers travels in the stocking process.

Picking Shelving

Live Picking

  • Ideal system for picking areas where the shelves are formed by roller mats;

  • Move your products by gravity, according to the F.I.F.O. (First-In / First-Out).

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The Picking Shelving Live Picking system allows for perfect product rotation, eliminating interference in the replacement and collection process and reducing order preparation time. Optimal solution for warehouses with large capacity and differentiation of picking products, allowing a greater number of lines to be prepared without having to move workers.

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