• Compact solution with direct access to the pallet.
  • Elimination of aisles between shelves.
  • Companies with many references with the most diverse dimensions.
  • Companies that want to have a compact warehouse with direct access to each pallet.
  • Companies that want a flexible warehouse, adaptable to any pallet size and weight.

Pallet Racking

Mobile Racking

  • Compact storage;

  • Direct access to each pallet;

  • Suitable for cold storage;

  • Equipped with engines and security systems;

  • Practical and safe.

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Pallet Racking Mobile is made up of mobile bases on which the racks rest, which move laterally. Allows you to suppress the aisles and, when necessary, open only the desired aisle. It is the user himself that gives the automatic opening order, through a remote control or by turning on a switch.

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