• Compact solution with direct access to the pallets in front of the shelves.
  • Great loading and unloading speed.
  • Safe work environment.
  • Companies that want to store high rotation palletized products.
  • Companies that need an L.I.F.O. storage system.
  • Companies that want a safe and compact system, without forklift movement inside the aisles.

Pallet Racking

Push-Back Tracks

  • Ideal for storing the same type of product;

  • Allows you to store up to 4 pallets in depth per level according to the L.I.F.O. (Last-In/First-Out).

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Pallet Racking Push-Back Tracks system in which the pallets of the same level, with the exception of the last one, rest on a set of trolleys that move, by pushing, on the rolling rails.

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