• Maximum use of available space.
  • Elimination of aisles between shelves.
  • Efficient entry and exit control.
  • Companies with few references but with large quantities.
  • Companies with opposite entry and exit locations.

Pallet Racking

Drive-In & Drive-Through

  • Allows great savings in space;

  • Storage of a large number of pallets of the same product;

  • Allows you to control inputs and outputs.

  • Need for a single front aisle.

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Drive-In & Drive-Through is a great solution for storage in cold rooms and in the beverage industry, where maximizing space is essential. It is a compact storage system with maximum use of available space, both in depth and in height. It is divided into two types: Drive-In (with a single access aisle) and Drive-Through (with two load accesses, one on each side of the rack).

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