• Possibility of storing pallets of different dimensions and weights.
  • Possibility of changing the modules configuration.
  • Direct access to every pallet.
  • Visually control all stock.
  • Companies with stock with many diverse dimensions.
  • Companies that need a warehouse with direct access to each pallet.
  • Comapnies that need a flexible and adaptable warehoue to any pallet size and weight.
  • Companies that need a warehouse that supports manual picking.

Pallet Racking

Conventional / Simple

  • Possibility to store a wide variety of items in a selective and controlled system;

  • Easily height adjusted due to its snap-in beam system;
  • Possibility of adapting levels for manual picking.

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Pallet Racking Simple is the system that best responds to the storage needs of palletized products, as it adapts to the most varied dimensions and weights. The project for the dimensioning of the shelves starts from the articulation between the available area, the dimensions, loads to be stored and the way of handling the loads.

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