• Full stock control.
  • Absence of human errors associated with pallet handling.
  • Absence of work accidents or damage to the structure of the shelves that can occur with the handling of forklifts.
  • Reduces the need for manpower.
  • No additional labor costs in case of increased shifts.
  • Companies with many references with a high degree of turnover.
  • Companies with high human errors associated with pallet handling.
  • Warehouses with high ceillings.
  • Companies that want a fully computerized solution and constant communication with the company’s ERP software.

Pallet Racking

Automated Warehouse

  • Managed by a management software;

  • Easily coordenate all movements;

  • Good stock management.

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Pallet Racking Automated Warehouse consists of placing robotic stacker cranes created for the automatic storage of pallets that move along the aisles and perform the functions of entry and exit of products. The robotic stacker cranes are chosen and programmed according to the needs of each warehouse in terms of load capacity, dimensions, construction height and cycle times. This system has the particularity of being able to adapt to special working conditions (impossible or more difficult to humans), such as freezing temperatures (-30º C), extreme humidity or special features, such as managing the working speed.

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